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Are you interested in the , but afraid to bring up the subject? Do you want to learn more from like-minded people? It’s time you tuned into Voices Carry Radio. Each week, host Amy Farley and Terry Todd welcome a special guest from the field of paranormal investigation. They share their insights and experiences in a friendly and nonjudgmental environment.


Sharing and Seeking

shares the honest experiences and research of leading paranormal professionals with listeners seeking the truth. They endeavor to bring light into a dark world and uncover the facts behind supernatural events. Listeners can participate by commenting or asking questions via a live chat room.

Special guests of Voices Carry are considered experts in the field of and investigation. Recent visitors to the show included actress and psychic medium, Brett Butler and ordained priest Bishop Kristina Rake. Brett discussed her experiences as a psychic medium, and Bishop Rake shared thoughts on paranormal investigation and Christianity. On August 2nd, the show will host actress and paranormal investigator Elizabeth Saint. She will be discussing the second season of her investigative show Ghosts of Shepherdstown and her previous work with Maryland Paranormal Research.


Your Hosts

Amy Farley and Terry Todd, both host of Voices Carry, have many years of experience researching along with producer Nathan Levan of Alabama Paranormal Research. In addition to hosting Voices Carry, Terry and Amy are members of the Metro Atlanta Paranormal Society. Amy is co-founder and a lead investigator, and Terry serves as the group’s research and development specialist.

You can follow Voices Carry on Facebook and listen to their show on Spreaker, either on the web or via the app on your mobile device. So tune in and follow the show to learn more about the paranormal. The truth is out there.

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