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Do you believe in the ? If you answered yes, you are not alone. A 2009 survey conducted by the Pew Center found that 29% of Americans say they have had contact with the dead and 18% have been in the presence of a . And in , we certainly have our share of . Our city’s rich and stormy history lends itself to the possibility of unsettled spirits and other beings. Metro Atlanta Paranormal Society () is dedicated to helping residents of the metro area who are seeking answers to any unexplained activity.

The Mission

This small, tight-knit group of professional investigators is passionate about helping others. They know that people may be reluctant to tell others about their experiences or to seek help. Therefore, MAPS number one priority is to provide caring, respectful, and confidential assistance to all their clients. All services are offered free of charge, ensuring everyone can get help regardless of income.


MAPS defines their mission as:

  • Conducting paranormal investigations utilizing scientific equipment, common sense, and their own individual gifts
  • Documenting evidence
  • Creating a healthy and positive environment to meet each clients needs (both the living and the dead)
  • Continually seeking learning opportunities and experiences into the paranormal


An Experienced Team

Co-founders and lead investigators, Amy Farley and Zana Lowe lead a team of professional investigators. Together the team has over 15 years experience investigating the paranormal. All MAPS members continually seek opportunities to further their experience and education and are eager to use that expertise to help the metro-Atlanta community. In fact, Amy Farley co-hosts the online radio show Voices Carry which explores topics in the study of paranormal activity. Voices Carry broadcasts regularly on Speaker.

Investigative History

MAPS document their public investigations on their blog. Recent public investigations have included cabin at Hales Bar Dam in Guild, TN And in Red Boiling Springs, TN at the Thomas House Hotel and Red Boiling Springs Bank.

The at cabin 8 was a collaboration with Dark Raven Paranormal group. In this case, the team documented several happenings in the cabin including 6.5 hours of fascinating audio that included sounds of doors opening and closing.

If you live in the Atlanta area and you are seeking answers to any unexplained phenomenon, MAPS wants to help. You can count on them to provide professional and caring support. Contact them today via their website. All inquiries are strictly confidential.


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