stan_newStan Fikes

Role within the WPG team -Lead Investigator, Public Relations, Equipment Technician, Photographer, Scientific Researcher

Occupation – Butcher

Paranormal view – My view on Paranormal is accepting the paranormal as a science is a very fine line that is crossed frequently. The ability to prove or disapprove the paranormal scientifically has become the mainstream of today. The paranormal researchers of today have had great strides to prove that ghosts, spirits even demonic forces and other things considered haunts do exist. However, as paranormal investigators, we have to consider the scientific evidence, and also the paranormal evidence. Also, we have to consider the effects of the paranormal has on a personal level and the effect of the surroundings. Cause and effect has a great deal to play into any investigations so we can find the truth, which is there for us to discover.

Favorite location – Bella’s Fine Dining in Dothan, Alabama

Scariest or most active location – North West Old packing House in North Carolina.

Location I would most like to investigate

Why I’m interested in the paranormal– The paranormal has been a part of my life, since I was very young. Spirits, ghosts, demonic forces, all have impacted me in some way and I have searched for the unknown. In some form, it has shown itself as forces that we encounter every day somehow. I made the decision to become a paranormal investigator to further my life education on the unknown.



Teresa Fikes

Role within the WPG team – Paranormal Investigator, Marketing Interviewer/researcher.

Occupation – Online and Local Marketeer. I am the Owner of Arden Marketing Enterprises.

Paranormal view – I believe there are spirits who are not at rest who are here among the living. Many of them just want to be heard and have no intention of hurting you.

Favorite location – Pauly jail has been a very active site for us and has been my favorite location so far.

Scariest or most active location – Pauly Jail (Bullock County Jail) in Union Springs, AL

A Location I would most like to investigate – There are several places I would like to go. Raven’s Castle in the UK would be a cool place, but I would like to help those in my immediate area first.

Why I’m interested in the paranormal- I would like to help others. If they feel there is something unexplained happening to them and would like for our team to come investigate it, then I am more than happy to help them remove the problem. Perhaps it is just a message that needs to be told. We will not know until we investigate it.


Shajuana_newShajuana Coleman

Role within the WPG team – Investigator

Occupation – Truck Driver

Paranormal view – I believe in the unknown and unseen.

Favorite location – Still searching

However, two very interesting sites I have helped investigate the unknown were at the Old City Cemetery in Union Springs, AL and Bella’s Fine Dining in Dothan, AL.

A Location I would most like to investigate – There are several places within the Southern United States I could start with but so many the world over to list.

Why I’m interested in the paranormal- I have a curiosity in knowing and understanding those things that are unknown and unseen and why they exist.


Christopher-Wood-newChristopher Wood

Role within the WPG team- Investigator, technical Equipment Supervisor

Occupation- Supervisor

Paranormal view- I’m a Christian who believes that there are spirits still here on earth with us, some just going through their everyday routine and some that are angry and wish to hurt us for what has happened to them.

Favorite Location- Colonial Park Cemetery, Savannah Georgia

A Location I would most like to investigate- Graceville Bridge

Why I’m interested in the paranormal- to provide people with an answer to the unexplained.





Amanda Moore

Role within the WPG team – Investigator, Empathic Sensitive

Paranormal view – I am a Paranormal Investigator with Webb Paranormal Group.
I’ve always had an interest in the paranormal which goes back to when I was a child. I’ve seen, heard and felt things that couldn’t be explained. I do believe that there are spirits that try and communicate with us whether it’s a loved one that has passed or a lost spirit that is trapped between realms. My own experiences have lead me to be a paranormal investigator in hopes to help someone that maybe experiencing things they cannot explain and to be able to give them answers.




Judy Moore

Role within the WPG team: Investigator, Spiritual Sensitive, Personnel Support

I am a Paranormal Investigator with Webb Paranormal Group.

All my life I have been experiencing contact with the Spirit realm. From my own experiences is what has lead me to be a paranormal investigator.

In the past, I have been touched, heard voices and seen entities that others have not been able to see.

My passion is to help others in this realm of existence and the ones that may be trapped between this dimension and where they need to be.




Trista Yates

Occupation –   Prep operator/ Photographer

Paranormal view – I have always believed in the paranormal, from living in several haunted houses in my lifetime. I truly believe there is life after death.

Favorite location –  The house in Marianna was my favorite so far. Very active, you could feel the energy when you’re even on the property, let alone in the house. Very strong.


A Location I would most like to investigate –  Winchester Mansion. I’ve seen lots about this particular home and it would be such an incredible opportunity to be able to investigate it!


Why I’m interested in the paranormal-  I love learning new things. As far as the paranormal, I truly look forward to being able to help people where this is concerned, whether it’s who and/or why is haunting them or eventually crossing Spirit over. I believe that Spirit can also be used for guidance and help as well. And I know that not all Spirit is evil, bad or mean.


Dustan Hurst

Occupations- I’m a welder. I picked up this profession when I was a kid and been doing it ever since.

Paranormal view – I’m a technician/investigator. I wish to keep improving. Hopefully, it will become full time.

Favorite location – Pauly Jail

A Location I would most like to investigate- I have so many. I’ll list two of them. (1) the Old Covington County jail. (2)Fort Morgan.

Why I’m interested in the paranormal – I’ve seen the unseen and witnessed some things that are not from this world. I want the answers. Plus, it’s my dream career.



Deepak Sharma

Role within the WPG team – Website and Development Consultant.

Paranormal View:  Hindu and Christian

Why I am interested in the paranormal- Spirits are just another realm for our souls. I would like to know what these Spirits want to tell us.