Why does frighten us?

Okay, Easter doesn’t truly frighten “us.” For most of us, it might mean a trip to church, a basket full of colorful, delicious candies, an Easter egg hunt, a celebratory family meal, and, if we’re young enough, an opportunity to meet the bunny himself at the local shopping mall for a photo op. Many people skip the church part altogether and focus on the colorful baskets and egg hunts, making Easter a Sunday filled with jubilant glee.

In the Bible, died on Good Friday and was resurrected on Easter Sunday, rising from the dead and ascending to heaven. With all due respect to the members of the Christian faith, Jesus was dead between Friday and Sunday, before He was risen. For a child, that thought can be quite confusing, macabre and in and of itself.

However, in the church, Easter is not a time for fear or distress; rather, it’s a celebration. Easter is not a time to dwell on death; but rather the concept of rebirth in His name. Easter represents the end of sorrow and the beginning of hope. The end of grief and suffering, and a grand display of His love for mankind. A display of God’s power as shown by His son, who died for our sins. Solemn, yes, but ultimately, Easter is a time for gratitude and joy among Christians, proof of His miracle and His ascension. Proof of the power of faith, and that death is not the end. Proof of enduring love.

Somehow, various stories about what happens on Easter have evolved, much to the joy of the confectionary industry. In the US, we have the , who, like Santa, visits us in the middle of the night and leaves us with chocolate and jellybean filled baskets (as long as we don’t see him). In France, there’s a flying bell (yes, seriously).

From the idea of a human-sized bunny entering our homes in the middle of the night to the concept of Jesus rising from the dead, there are several elements of Easter that can certainly frighten a child. For a visual aid, check out this collection of terrifying Easter bunnies. For an even more brutal interpretation, check out this scene from director Kevin Smith’s film .

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