We asked members of Webb Paranormal Group to submit some stories of their experiences. Drina had several that did not disappoint, including this one. As she writes,

“There is a historic covered bridge in Smyrna, GA. There are many ghost stories and urban legends that are tied to this bridge. They can be looked up online or heard about if you live within a 20-mile radius. When I met my current boyfriend and found out that he was a paranormal investigator, I had to take him to this bridge. I knew it would fascinate him. It is a one-lane bridge that is approached from a curve on both sides. For that reason, it is required to have your headlights on when driving through it, even in the middle of the day. “

Going to the bridge!

“When I took Zach to see the bridge the first time, it was one o’clock in the morning. As an experiment, we decided to stop in the middle of the bridge and turn the vehicle off, including the headlights. We had the windows rolled down and were intently listening for any odd sounds.”

“After only a couple of minutes, we heard loud footsteps walking towards us. There was just enough light at each end of the bridge to see if anyone had walked in, and we had seen nothing. I was looking out the back, and Zach looking out the front. The hair on the back of my neck stood up, and I desperately wanted to leave. Zach practically read my mind, because he asked me, “Want to get out of here?” I said yes – and so did a voice from the backseat. There was no one else in the car.”

I started my car and flew out of that bridge. I didn’t stop until we were several miles away from it. We actually have a recording of this, as (of course!) we were attempting EVPs while we were investigating the bridge. When we listened to the recording where Zach asked if we should go, you can distinctly hear my voice saying yes, and another voice saying yes that does not sound anything like either one of us.”

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