have been a part of myth and for an inordinate amount of time. Nobody can pinpoint when the first was spotted or felt. They are here to stay as far as people are concerned. Many people describe ghost as entities or the spirits of those who have died but have remained on earth whether by choice or force. Unbeknown to many citizens of the USA, especially those who reside on the West Coast. Most don’t pay much attention to the ongoings of the East Coast, the greatest house in the country is also known for being a . That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about in Washington D. C.

There have been countless accounts spanning the course of history of ghost sightings that have been tied to the White House. Not just sightings either, but the eerie presence of not being alone in that big house and someone from the past looking over your shoulder. From presidents to wives and servants, there is a lot of history in that house and some of it has stayed through the passage of time.

At Your Service, Mr. President

Seven score and fourteen years ago, a tragedy befell the great nation of the when John Wilkes Booth snuck up behind the 16th President and ended his life as well as any further good he could have done the country with a single bullet. Although may be gone physically there have been rumors and sightings of Honest Abe wandering the White House.

Abraham Lincoln died in 1865 and if rumors of his ghost remaining in the White House are true, he has the place for over 150 years. People have reported seeing Lincoln standing by windows overlooking the White House grounds and if he was watching or waiting for something, while others have been awoken to a knock on their door from the esteemed President himself.

never saw Abraham Lincoln herself, but she told stories about how she was able to feel a presence in the room with her and she believed it to be Lincoln due to the melancholic air that the President was rumored to be constantly surrounded by since the life he lived was a tragic one.

At Ease, Mr. President

One of the behind the presence of ghosts is that they have unfinished business to attend to and only after that is complete can they move on and rest in peace. So what would be the unfinished business President Lincoln has hanging over his head making it impossible for him to find peace in the afterlife?

One of the reasons people believe Lincoln is not ready to move on is that he is still watching over the country that he loved so much. The timing of Lincoln making himself known to the guest of the White House is when the United States seems to be nearing a disaster of some sort. It brings a little comfort knowing that he is still watching over us even in death.

Another possibility for the continuing presence of in the White House is the death of his son Willie. Lincoln’s son died when he was 11, inside in the White House, Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln never recovered from losing him. His parents have recorded sightings of him when they lived there. Abe Lincoln may not want to lose his son again and chose to remain there with him

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