The members of Webb Paranormal Group were also interviewed. Here are a few of the answers!

  1. How did you first hear about Webb Paranormal Group?
    Teresa: In my mind
    Stan: I helped found the group
    Leanna: My parents
    Laura: Teigra Mitchell
    Trista: Stan
    Michelle: Trista
  2. What made you want to join the team?
    Stan: People need help
    Teresa: To help others
    Leanna: Parents
    Laura: I’ve always been interested in being on a team
    Trista: I’ve always thought it would be awesome to be in a paranormal group.
    Michelle: Trista
  3. What is your position in the team?
    Stan: Founder Director and Lead Investigator
    Teresa: Co-founder, Research, Historian, Marketeer, Fundraising Manager, Promoter etc..
    Leanna: Investigator
    Laura: Case manager, investigator, researcher
    Trista: Investigator, photographer, researcher
    Michelle: Investigator, researcher
  4. A. What has been your favorite location to investigate?
    Stan: Pauly Jail.
    Teresa: Don’t have one.
    Leanna: Pauly Jail.
    Laura: Pauly Jail.
    Trista: Ms. Vera’s!
    Michelle: Pauly Jail.
  5. B. What made this place your favorite?
    Leanna: Nothing tried to eat me!
    Laura: Something draws me to this place!
    Trista: It was really active.
    Michelle: It was my first investigation.
  6. Which member in the group have you known the longest?
    Stan: Teresa
    Teresa: Leanna
    Leanna: Parents
    Laura: Anthony
    Trista: Michelle
    Michelle: Trista
  7. A. Do you have any Supernatural gifts?
    Stan: Not a single one!
    Teresa: Post cognitive, shield, empathic
    Leanna: No
    Laura: Empath
    Trista: Empath, Intuitive, Clairsentient
    Michelle: No
  8. B. Do these affect the way you investigate?
    Teresa: They help me to understand the way things were at the heyday of the place.
    Trista: I like using my gifts because they help me to understand more than just the devices we use. I get a more clear answer sometimes.
  9. What is one tool you would like to see Webb Paranormal Group use in an investigation?
    Stan: Common sense
    Teresa: I would like to just see more members training on the equipment we have and learning various techniques of research.
    Laura: I’m not sure.
    Trista: SLS camera
    Michelle: All of them.
  10. Tell us about one paranormal encounter you’ve had.
    Stan: Standing in the Hallway of Vera Haney’s house and had something push me and talk to me.
    Teresa: I saw what I thought was Stan in the hallway of a client’s home but Stan was in another room. Then found out the client’s deceased husband had similar features to Stan.
    Trista: I saw who I thought was my step-dad in the middle of the night once. It wasn’t him, only a spirit that looked like him and mimicked his actions. Step dad said to tell him to stay out of his chair!
    Michelle: Sitting on the trunk of my car on a dark road, my hat fell off and found it in the back seat of my car; all the windows were up.
  11. Have you always believed in the paranormal?
    Everyone: YES!
  12. What is one place you would like to go investigate as a group?
    Stan: Alcatraz
    Teresa: Poenari Castle
    Leanna: Savannah graveyard
    Laura: I don’t know
    Trista: Sloss Furnace
    Michelle: Dozier School for Boys
  13. Is there a location that has ever scared you or made you nervous, paranormally speaking?
    Stan: Vera Haney’s house
    Teresa: A client’s home
    Leanna: Cahawba
    Laura: No
    Trista: A client’s home in Georgia
    Michelle: Old Bridge in Daleville

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